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Success Stories


"I was permanently injured and my car totaled by a driver who failed to stop for a four-way stop sign."

I was permanently injured and my car totaled by a driver who failed to stop for a four-way stop sign. Fortunately the accident was recorded by the dash camera in my car, clearly showing the other driver ran the stop sign. I was treated and released with cuts, a concussion and closed head injury by the emergency room. The emergency room doctor told me to follow up with my primary care physician.

My head, neck and shoulder pain were so intense that my primary care doctor ordered X-Rays, MRI’s, and CT scans that were unable to show the source of my pain or injury. I went to physical therapy that sent my severe pain to an even higher level. I toughed it out until it became clear to my physical therapist and me that physical therapy wasn’t going to work.

My primary care doctor next referred me to a spine and sports physician. I received x-ray guided epidural injections along my spine that didn’t help with my pain. The next step was a Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar Medial Branch Block that didn’t work.

I was then referred to a neurosurgeon and spine specialist. This felt like my last hope. I felt devastated when the neurosurgeon told me that he wouldn’t be able to help me. My pain and frustration were off the scale. All of my referrals were rated Arizona Top Doctors.

I remember leaving the neurosurgeon’s office with extreme pain, frustration, and very dark thoughts about ending my pain. I went home and crawled into bed with extreme depression, hopelessness, and pain. I felt angry that not one of these Arizona Top Doctors could validate, quantify, or give my pain a name, diagnosis, or treat it. Normally if you break a bone, the doctor takes an x-ray, identifies the broken bone and sets it in a cast or surgically repairs it.

Not wanting to give up, I got out of bed and began Googling and exploring YouTube for treating neck pain and injuries. I found out about a treatment called Prolotherapy. I saw very positive reviews and information about Prolotherapy on the internet. The former Surgeon General of the United States, C. Evert Coop, stated that he had planned to extensively study Prolotherapy if he hadn’t accepted his position as the United States Surgeon General. Some VA locations offer Prolotherapy to veterans.

Using the internet I was able to find that Prolotherapy was available from Dr. William D. Nelson here in North Scottsdale, Az. After what I had gone through with Arizona Top Doctors, I was understandably skeptical, however; my pain had the loudest voice. Armed with some hope and scientific evidence for Prolotherapy, I went to see Dr. Nelson.

Experiencing and understanding the limits of conventional X-Rays, MRI’s, and CT scans; I reached out to Dr. William D. Nelson and Dr. Bruce Lee. Dr. Lee used Digital Motion X-Ray that finally medically quantified my injury and pain. I was medically diagnosed with painful, progressive, permanent injuries.

Dr. Nelson was able to successfully medically target and treat my injuries with safe drug free Prolotherapy. I was told by Arizona Top Doctors, “We have exhausted all the tools in our tool box,” “All we can do is to prescribe pain medication for you.” Drugs don’t have side effects, they have effects. Side effects is a minimizing word for effects that the drug companies use. I am so grateful to Dr. William Nelson at and Dr. Bruce Lee at for identifying and treating my pain. - Michal

"My daughter was addicted to pain killers! She is not herself anymore: What does that mean? How does this happen? What do I do? What does she do?

Knowledge is power. Dr. Nelson and his wife are a wealth of knowledge. Dr. Nelson is the most sincere doctor I have engaged with in a long time.

This is not a 15 minute visit. He wants you to understand the reality of the situation. Stephanie is so responsive on any question we had, and so encouraging. This is something you hear about but I never had experience with, and it all went very smoothly for my daughter.

She is back to her beautiful self again. Thank you Dr. Nelson and Stephanie ." - Anna L.

"My son, Jared, has been battling heroin addiction for going on 10 years now.

There have been overdoses and relapses over those years. The Naltrexone pellet offered by Dr. Nelson has been the ONLY thing to keep him off heroin for any period of time. The pellets have saved his life, plain and simple.

I applaud Dr Nelson for offering the Naltrexone pellet therapy. He and Stephanie truly care and both went above and beyond for us during the time Jared was under their care."

"All my life, all I ever wanted was to feel okay - just to feel normal."

"Being introduced to heroin at the young age of 13 and belonging to a family of addicts, I truly believed being high was the norm. Over the years my ideology was that I lived to get high, and got high to live, and without it there was nothing else in this world.

For roughly ten years, I struggled with heroin and crack cocaine addiction. This demoralizing journey took me to unspeakable places in my life, both physically and mentally. Over the years I tried everything: rehabs, detox centers, methadone, suboxone, moving states, but nothing worked. I found the drugs or the drugs found me, and I couldn't stop no matter how much I wanted to.

Towards the end of my run I was living on the streets, and a complete shadow of the person I once was. Dope owned me, and I would do anything to get it, no matter how grotesque or life threatening the task was. I prayed almost daily that God would take me out of my misery, and I truly believed that there was no hope for me.

In my heart I truly wanted to get clean, but when a person suffers from addiction, the sickness in the mind will always win. I was offered a chance, in which I had the opportunity to receive a naltrexone pellet from Dr. Nelson. I honestly had no hope that it would work, but I was so tired of the life I led.

I surrendered and went through a brutal detox 'cold turkey' with the help of Dr. Nelson and his family. I received the pellet... and have been clean ever since! For me to be alive, sober, and writing my story is truly a miracle. An addict of my gravity going from such a hopeless state, to a functional member of society was unfeasible. Today I live each day clean and sober with the hope that I can help someone who fights the same battle. Life is amazing when you can just surrender and have a tiny bit of hope that it will get better.

No matter how much doubt you have in yourself, if you even have the slightest bit of desire to get clean, take the action and get the pellet - Your life is worth it.

I can't even begin to express my gratitude to Dr. Nelson, Stephanie, Hayleey, and Lauryn. They are the most selfless and kind people I have ever met. I couldn't have done it without them and they truly saved my life. I am forever grateful." - ​JL

"I as a mother will forever be grateful for the Naltrexone pellet made possible by a doctor who understands the struggle that many have with opiate abuse - Thank you Dr. Nelson & staff!

My son struggled for many years with drug abuse and his opiate addiction was controlling his day to day existence. On his last trip to detox, when it became apparent to my son that the pellet was the answer, they detoxed his system under anesthesia and inserted a Naltrexone pellet.

Getting clean was not the problem but staying clean was the challenge.

He found that when he had the pellet inserted his cravings and desire to do opiates did not exist, but as soon as it wore off he began to struggle with the cravings... The search began for us to find someone who would be willing to insert another pellet before the current one wore off.

After lots of research I found Dr. Nelson who was willing to take my son as a patient and insert another pellet or two pellets to get him further along in his recovery. His brain needed the extra time to recover and the two pellets (6 months) gave him that time.

My son is doing so well. I am a firm believer that without this procedure to assist with recovery he would be back to his old habit. He is currently 15 months sober, has a good job, happy, and is functioning again and most importantly I have my son BACK...!"

"I am still increasingly grateful to you (Stephanie) and Dr. Nelson for delivering me from the prison of addiction.

​I look forward to sharing my testimonial of rebirth. My life is blooming in even more ways than I could have imagined. As scary and intensely soul-harrowing as moments have been, I feel like Alma (Book of Mormon prophet) when he speaks of his conversion from his wicked past... The part that resonates with me is when he says that after he cried to the Lord, he could remember his pain and anguish no more.

That's how I feel! I don't have the cravings or even thoughts of drinking or taking Percocet anymore. I have seen it, smelled it, and it doesn't even register as anything that I used before or might consider trying. No emotional responses! It just doesn't exist to me. There is just no place in my mind, body or heart for drugs and alcohol. I remember it no more. That is the miracle I'm most thankful for!

I'm starting my own business...I already have contracts waiting for my company docs to begin working. It looks like I'll do well, much better than I could have conceived of before.

Love life is exciting and healthy. Spiritual life feels like the Lord's hand is over me. It's been very stressful at times but I'm prospering in every aspect of life. And like I said before, the past thoughts and feelings (of addiction) have no place in my life today!

Sorry this text is way too long. But I’ve so much to share...I'm willing to talk to anyone, any time... I'm no longer using, have zero thoughts about it and see no benefit in going back to that place. My energy is focused on prospering and developing my talents.. Much of love!

Thank you so much!" - Troy G.

"I have truly turned my life around for the better!

The pellet, along with your guys' help and support, exceeded my expectations. Instead of merely surviving as a drug addict, I am THRIVING as a productive member of society.

​I have found happiness. My relationships, self-esteem, and positive perspective have never been better!"

"It's been almost a decade since I have felt like this...

Testimonials, advertising, I'd yell from the roof...anything I can do to help out or educate or talk about my experience ...I will.

I mean it from the bottom of my heart , I was blessed you all were there to save my life...

I know there is a lot to do and for me to resolve during my recovery so that long-term sobriety is achieved... But I feel like I have a chance this time, because I have ZERO thoughts about it..."

"I wanted to inform you that I had zero negative side effects or additional withdrawal symptoms...once I had the pellet in me, it was one of my easiest recoveries EVER!!!

I was seriously planning for hell, and it never came...

Today I feel a lot better in terms of's weird to feel normal, and those normal feelings I am having make me excited..but really all week since Tuesday, every day was better..

The crazy thing is you're right - the mental crave is gone...which is blowing my mind...Before it was literally - my god - all my time, thoughts, energy, and money went to heroin...and for me to not even think twice about it now is remarkable...

Stitches and incision look great...(have not been "itchy" yet, so still have them in)

With all that being said, if an opiate user has not used any opiates or substances for a week...that week may be sufficient... (because for me getting that 14-16 days was almost impossible )

Once again, thank you for working with me and being flexible with scheduling my appointments... My mother, Dr. Nelson, and you Stephanie more than likely saved my life...

see what I felt and what happened to me...since my experience was pleasant...I have been more than happy to tell people how amazing it is...

Thank you again!"

"After 5 years of unsuccessful treatments, my daughter continued to relapse. I had almost lost all hope. After the naltrexone pellet therapy, I have my beautiful daughter back! She is drug-free and without those horrible cravings.

I am so grateful we found this life-saving treatment."

- Mother of successful therapy patient



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