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Alcohol Addiction Specialist

William D Nelson, NMD -  - Physical Medicine

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William D Nelson, NMD

Physical Medicine & Addiction Medicine located in North Scottsdale, AZ & Flagstaff, AZ

Alcohol addiction can be frustrating, frightening, and depressing. William Nelson, NMD, the experienced naturopathic medicine doctor at Explore Health, understands your fears and worries, and he’s here to offer a better solution. Dr. Nelson uses the most reliable alcohol addiction treatment options, including the Sinclair Method, which boasts a 78% long-term success rate. Call the Flagstaff and Scottsdale, Arizona, office, or click the online appointment scheduler to get help now.

Alcohol Addiction Q & A

What is the best treatment approach for alcohol addiction?

At Explore Health, Dr. Nelson uses an innovative alcohol addiction treatment method called the Sinclair Method. It focuses on the pharmacological extinction technique. 

During your treatment, you use an opiate blocker, a medication that prevents alcohol from having pleasurable effects on your body, to reduce your craving until you eventually aren’t physically dependent on alcohol any longer. 

The Sinclair Method’s effectiveness is proven by a number of large lab studies and in more than 90 clinical trials around the world. 

How does alcohol addiction treatment work?

You’ll take Naltrexone, an FDA-approved medicine that removes the pleasurable effects of alcohol. Dr. Nelson recommends medication dosage and frequency-specific to your needs. Most patients take a dose of medication an hour or more before they plan to drink alcohol. 

While you can still become inebriated when you drink alcohol, taking your medication as directed will stop your brain from releasing endorphins (your brain’s natural opiates) in reaction to alcohol. Because you no longer get any type of “high” or even pleasurable sensations when you drink, you stop craving alcohol. 

How long does it take to complete treatment?

Every patient is different, and Dr. Nelson works with you to make sure you have everything you need for successful treatment.

On average, Some patients report dramatic decreases in their alcohol consumption within a few weeks while others most patients achieve extinction may slowly decrease their intake gradually after months of treatment. 

How is the Sinclair Method different?

Unlike other treatment methods, the Sinclair Method doesn't require abstinence from alcohol. In fact, continuing to drink is part of the treatment in the beginning. Over time, your brain doesn’t view alcohol the same way any longer and your previously uncontrollable urges gradually go away. 

With the Sinclair Method, having the occasional drink once you’ve completed treatment doesn’t mean you’ve failed or “fallen off the wagon.” It’s fine to have the occasional drink if you wish, but it’s important to take your medication ahead of alcohol consumption. 

Around 25% of Sinclair Method patients choose total alcohol abstinence, and the others use the medication on the occasions when they drink. 

The Sinclair Method doesn’t require 12-step programs or any other kind of group meeting. You don’t have to undergo psychotherapy, although you may find that mind-body medicine techniques are helpful in your recovery.

Learn how you can break free from alcohol addiction, without endless meetings. Call Explore Health or use online scheduling now.