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How to start The Sinclair Method

  • STEP ONE - Educate yourself and your entire support network on TSM.  Be open and willing to look at alcohol use disorder and your treatment in an entirely new paradigm.   Read all the information on this website, watch Claudia Christian’s Tedx Talk video and her documentary “One Little Pill,” and read Roy Askapa’s Book “The Cure For Alcoholism.”
  • STEP TWO Take the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT).  Google AUDIT pdf and print out a copy and complete the self-assessment.  A score of 8 or more is consistent with hazardous or dangerous alcohol use.  

  • STEP THREE - Schedule an appointment with Dr. Nelson by calling us at 602-692-4626.  Please bring the result of your AUDIT test and a copy of your most recent blood work (CBC and CMP taken within last 60 days).  After evaluating your intake, blood work, and physical exam, Dr. Nelson may provide you with a prescription for your Naltrexone on your first visit if appropriate.

  • STEP FOUR - After receiving your prescription, simply take the Naltrexone one hour before drinking alcohol.  Keep track of your consumption in a journal.  

  • STEP FIVE - Follow-up appointment will be in 2-4 weeks to answer any questions and help with any problems.  Continue to take your Naltrexone before you drink.  Some patients may eventually choose to stop drinking completely.  Patients feeling anxious, depressed, or experiencing other mood challenges may choose to work with Dr. Nelson on a neurotransmitter recovery program using natural supplements.  They will be advised to begin therapy, counseling, and/or group work with an addiction therapist.

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