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Mistletoe Therapy


Consider mistletoe therapy if you have a precancerous condition, like colon polyps, or you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and are preparing for surgery or chemotherapy. At Explore Health, in Flagstaff and Scottsdale, Arizona, regenerative orthopedics expert William Nelson, NMD, provides off-label mistletoe therapy to reduce tumor-related pain, reduce the risk of tumor recurrence, and prevent precancerous conditions before they worsen. Call the nearest Explore Health office today to schedule a mistletoe therapy consultation, or book your appointment online.

What is mistletoe therapy?

Mistletoe therapy is a science-backed therapy that uses the liquid extract from the mistletoe plant to treat cancer and manage cancer-related symptoms. This scientifically proven and all-natural approach to cancer treatment has been used for more than 100 years to treat malignant and non-malignant tumors.

During mistletoe therapy, Dr. Nelson administers mistletoe extract intravenously (with an IV) or injects the mistletoe extract directly into a cancerous tumor.

After the mistletoe extract enters your body, it stimulates your immune system, helping it fight cancerous cells.

Can mistletoe therapy supplement chemotherapy, radiation, and other cancer drugs?

Yes. Dr. Nelson regularly uses science-backed mistletoe therapy alongside conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Mistletoe extract boosts your immune system’s ability to defend itself. Also, it reduces the side effects of cancer treatment, like nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite.

Dr. Nelson’s extensive training and expertise allow him to evaluate and support each patient with a personalized treatment process, whether they’ve just been diagnosed with cancer or have been battling cancer for years.

How long does it take for mistletoe therapy to work?

The time it takes for mistletoe therapy to work depends on various factors, including the type of cancer, its stage, and the severity of your symptoms. Dr. Nelson believes successful cancer remission is an active and ongoing process, so he often encourages patients to use it indefinitely. That’s especially true if you have stage 3 or 4 cancer.

Alternatively, patients with stage 1 or 2 cancer may be able to stop mistletoe therapy eventually. In people with stage 1 or 2 cancer, Dr. Nelson recommends at least five years of treatment.

How often will I need mistletoe therapy?

The frequency of science-backed mistletoe therapy treatment depends on the stage and type of your cancer. Dr. Nelson develops a personalized therapeutic treatment plan after a physical exam, a discussion of your symptoms, and a review of your medical records.

Most people benefit from mistletoe extract injections or intravenous (IV) therapy every 2-3 weeks. Dr. Nelson monitors your cancer at each checkup and makes adjustments as needed.

Call the nearest Explore Health office today to schedule a mistletoe therapy consultation or book your appointment online.

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