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How do I manage my recovery from an auto accident? Legal, financial and medical information.

You just had an auto accident, how do I get treated for my injuries?

Oftentimes, people in auto accidents don't experience pain until days after the crash.  Patients with whiplash, low back, knee, hip, shoulder pain or headache following an auto accident should contact Explore Health in Scottsdale or Flagstaff, AZDr. William Nelson, is motor vehicle injury expert with years of experience helping people become pain-free after a MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident)

Do I need to pay for medical treatments after an auto accident?

Patients suffering from auto accidents need to collect insurance information from the other driver (especially if they are at fault).  After contacting our office, we can help you determine the amount of medical coverage to help you recover from your injuries.

Do I need a lawyer to sue for medical care, damages, pain and suffering?

People suffering from pain after an auto accident aren't required to have  a lawyer represent them, but using a reputable legal team will make sure you receive maximum compensation from the responsible insurance company for medical care, financial costs, etc.  Law firms specializing in personal injury cases will normally receive 1/4 to 1/3 of the financial settlement but they will help you through the legal system and deal directly with the insurance companies so you can focus on returning to health.

Do I have to pay upfront for medical care for my recovery?

Doctors specializing in personal injury will normally treat you without payment upfront.  In order to confirm your insurance coverage, they may require you to sign a statutory lien which makes sure the doctor is paid for services rendered after the settlement.

How many treatments will be covered by the responsible insurance company?

In most cases, treatments will be paid for until you've reached the maximal amount allowed in the policy covering your recovery.

What is maximal medical improvement and how does it pertain to my treatments?

Maximal medical improvement is determined by the doctor and the patient when additional treatments are not likely to improve the patient's condition.  At this time, the patient may need to undergo an Independent Medical Examination to determine the amount of permanent impairment which will be taken under consideration during the final insurance settlement.

Will the car insurance company cover treatments by a Naturopathic Medical Doctor?

Our office has worked with patients suffering from motor vehicle accidents for years and insurance companies will pay for our services.  In addition to our services which include non-surgical regenerative injection treatment, we coordinate your care by ordering Xrays and MRIs when necessary and work with a network of chiropractors to optimize your recovery.



Dr. William Nelson William Nelson, NMD, is a naturopathic medical doctor who brings years of medical expertise to his practice, Explore Health, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Nelson is heralded as the go-to physician for patients who feel they have exhausted their time and resources attempting to resolve complex health challenges. He is also respected internationally as a preeminent addiction medicine specialist and hosts ”Your Road to Personal Addiction Recovery,” which is one of the most-listened-to podcasts on the matter. Dr. Nelson is an expert in non-surgical joint and back repair helping people in North Scottsdale and Flagstaff, AZ become pain free from painful knees, hips, shoulders, low back, whiplash, and other chronic or acute injuries.

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