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Impossible you say? It's true. Athletes, parents, coaches, and especially doctors need to read this.

In our addiction treatment clinic, we have seen an incredible increase in opiate and heroin use among the best and brightest. Sorry, it's not just kids from the wrong side of the tracks any longer. We see star athletes, scholars, and kids you'd never expect to have drug problems that are helplessly addicted.

1) Don't fill pain medication prescriptions for your teen-aged children.
2) Discard any unused opiate pain medications or lock them away.
3) You can prevent your child from falling prey to this nationwide epidemic by understanding the risks, preventing exposure and access to these drugs, and educating your child on the dangers of these drugs.

Read this article and refer to if you or your child is addicted to opiate pain meds, heroin, alcohol, or other harmful drugs.

Dr. William Nelson William Nelson, NMD, is a naturopathic medical doctor who brings years of medical expertise to his practice, Explore Health, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Nelson is heralded as the go-to physician for patients who feel they have exhausted their time and resources attempting to resolve complex health challenges. He is also respected internationally as a preeminent addiction medicine specialist and hosts ”Your Road to Personal Addiction Recovery,” which is one of the most-listened-to podcasts on the matter. Dr. Nelson is an expert in non-surgical joint and back repair helping people in North Scottsdale and Flagstaff, AZ become pain free from painful knees, hips, shoulders, low back, whiplash, and other chronic or acute injuries.

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